As a member of Delta Holding, the company Delta Agrar d.o.o. has been present in the agribusiness community since 1993 and remains a leader in all aspects of agricultural operations. Through intensive implementation of state-of-the-art world technologies in agribusiness, HR upgrading and ongoing enhancement of knowledge, the company is striving to keep abreast of global trends.

Primary Production<br /><br />

Primary Production

The entire crop production, vegetable and fruit production and a part of stockbreeding activities of Delta Agrar take place on 5 agricultural holdings totaling a surface area of some 18,000 ha.

Repurchase and cooperation

Repurchase and cooperation

In the field of trade in agricultural products, the company buys and sells food grains and oil crops, meat and livestock and organizes subcontracting and buy-up centers.
Agrotrade and distribution<br /><br />

Agrotrade and distribution

In the field of distribution, Delta Agrar distributes pesticides, seeds, animal feed, agricultural machinery and mineral fertilizers, all in cooperation with leading international manufacturers.
Food processing<br /><br />

Food processing

In the retail sector, Delta Agrar has developed its own network of agricultural pharmacies with a wide range of various agriculture-related products in which farmers can obtain advice in connection with plant growing cycles from plant protection experts.