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Company Delta Agrar has once again welcomed 75 schoolchildren from French School to its orchard in Čelarevo.
On 5th and 6th September the representatives of the leading media from Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina visited the business seat of Company Delta Holding and two Delta Agrar estates. They met and talked to Miroslav Miskovic, President of the Company, and attended the press conference where Delta Holding Senior Vice President Marija Desivojevic Cvetkovic and Vice President for Agriculture Ivan Kostic presented the Company’s business results and plans.
At our Vražogrnac farm near Zaječar the sheep production program has been officially established in our company. In the first stage 235 sheep and 20 rams were imported from France while a new shipment of animals is expected in the course of August.
Last week we made a new record at our estates. In the total number of 300 farrowings the average of 18.9 live born piglets was achieved per each sow.
Practical part of the workshop titled “Modern biotechnology in cattle reproduction - embryo transplantation“ was held on Friday, 19 May, on a cow farm AD Napredak in Stara Pazova.