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Soybean seeds Selsem

Soybean seeds Selsem

About us

Soybean Selsem has been around since 1973. Since then, leading experts have been developing soybean varieties looking for those with the highest yield and resistance to disease and unfavorable growing conditions.

Since 2010, Selsem has been part of Delta Agrar. Seed processing is performed in the Delta Seed processing center in Sombor, on modern machines and using proven technology. At the end of that journey, we get seeds of uniform quality, which have the prescribed germination, germination energy, and a mass of 1,000 grains.

Thanks to the proven quality, Selsem varieties have been present on foreign markets for 10 years. Our soybeans are sown in 11 European countries, and for the second year in a row, Selsem is also present on the American market.

Stable yields, pathogen resistance and lodging

Today, Selsem soybean varieties mean stability, adaptability to different growing conditions, potential for high yields. Through many years of research and development, it has been achieved that the new assortment of Selsem is extremely resistant to lodging, tolerant to most economically important pathogens, as well as to the cracking of pods during the harvest period. It has a uniform content of oil and protein, and in total, in each Selsem variety, it is at least 60 percent.

Only seeds from the best producers and the best plots enter the seed processing process. Finishing is done in the Delta Seme finishing center in Sombor, and the specificity of our finishing is that the seed inoculation is already carried out in the processing center, which significantly facilitates work in the field and reduces the time and costs that the producer must invest.

Our assortment

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