About us

About us

As a member of Delta Holding,Delta Agrar Ltd. has been present in the agribusiness community since 1993 and remains a leader in all aspects of agricultural operations. Through intensive implementation of state-of-the-art technologies in agribusiness, employee training and continuous improvement of knowledge, the company always strives to keep up with global trends. 

Delta Agrar headquarters are located in Novi Beograd, Vladimira Popovića 8a. Currently, the company is present on the markets of the countries in the region, the Europe (Russia, Italy, Romania, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Denmark, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Hungary, Austria), Middle East and Asia (UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, Kuwait, Oman, Malaysia). 

Delta Agrar’s diversified operations are divided into four main organizational segments: primary production, cooperation and repurchase, agro-trade and distribution, and food processing. 

In primary production, Delta Agrar is active in farming, production of fruitvegetables and cattle. The production takes place in five agricultural estates owned by Delta Agrar, on an area of 15.000 hectares. 

In the sector of cooperation and repurchase, the company operates in the purchase of fruit and vegetables, meat and cattle, retail and also provides long term contracting for the production of fruit and vegetable crops with primary producers in more than 5 purchase centers. 

In the field of agro-trade and distribution Delta Agrar distributes pesticides, seeds and agro-mechanization in cooperation with leading global producers. The company trades grains, oil based products and mineral fertilizers. 

Delta Agrar’s daughter company, Delta Frukt Moscow, was founded in 2016 as the importer, wholesaler and distributor of high quality fruit and vegetables on the Russian market, with the focus on the import of apples, citrus fruit, stone fruit and exotic fruit from all around the world.

Delta Agrar partners are leading global companies in all areas of agribusiness: Syngenta, Corteva, Bayer CropScience, BASF, Landini, Rivulis, Nufarm, Biesterfeld, DanBred, Kuhn, Summit Agro International, Adama, UPL and others. 

Our mission  to be the company that drives development of agriculture in Serbia and the region. 

Our vision  to be the most successful producer of agricultural and food products in the country and the region, among the best producers in the world. A synonym for high standards in all segments of business. 

Our values - Clear priorities, our own resources, loyalty and commitment, team spirit, innovation adoption and flexibility to change.