Board and Management

The company owes its continuing success to modern management and working practices, the assimilation of international experience and to a knowledgeable and expert workforce who can react quickly, efficiently and boldly. The results achieved so far have created a sound basis for the stable operation of the whole system.
Dejan JeremićDejan Jeremić
Senior Vice President; CEO, Delta Agrar
Luka PopovićLuka Popović
Chief operations officer
Milica PejnovićMilica Pejnović
Bojana ŽižovićBojana Žižović
HR director
Stefan GajićStefan Gajić
Director of Agricultural Commodity Exchange Sector
Vlado KrejićVlado Krejić
Director of primary production
Zoran SporićZoran Sporić
Director of stockbreeding
Nikola MilićevićNikola Milićević
Director of fruit production
Aleksandar ŽivkovićAleksandar Živković
Director, Dunavka
Milena LukovićMilena Luković
Director of General Affairs