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Sheep Production in Zaječar

Sheep Production in Zaječar

22. june 2017.

At our Vražogrnac farm near Zaječar the sheep production program has been officially established in our company. In the first stage 235 sheep and 20 rams were imported from France while a new shipment of animals is expected in the course of August. The imported animals are of Il de France race, which is quite adaptable and suitable both for pastures and for modern farm breeding in closed space.

Sheep production is based on the most modern methods with the ultimate goal by forming a basic flock of 6,000 sheep and annual production of over 10,000 lambs. The former farm for cattle breeding in Zaječar has been reconstructed and adapted in order to meet the most contemporary standards of sheep farm production. Besides the facilities with modern boxes and mechanization, the farm also has a state-of-the-art laboratory for artificial insemination of sheep which will provide sufficient high-quality ram semen to meet the demand in the whole territory of Serbia.

The long-term plan includes production of large qualities of lamb meat both for the domestic and foreign markets. The application of the most modern technological achievements and technologies is the key to the maximum performance of high-quality genetics.