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Delta Agrar Records and Results in the first half of 2017

21. july 2017.

In the first half of the year, Delta Agrar's income exceeded 16 billion dinars, with numerous records achieved in agricultural production. In this company it is believed that remarkable results can be achieved only with professional staff and large investments in modern agriculture – that is why investments in the first six months of this year amounted to 10 million euros.

Delta Agrar has expanded its fruit production to the estate in Zaječar. In addition to club apples that have been produced for several years, the company started producing cherries. Cherry orchard represents much larger investment. While a hectare of apple requires 30.000 euros, 100.000 euros is needed for a hectare of cherries. Know-how and technology from Chile will be applied on the estates.

At the Vražogrnac farm, sheep farming was launched through the import of the first 237 sheep and 20 rams from France. The plan is to have 10.000 of lambs in the next two years on this farm.

At all Delta Agrar farms, a record of 18,9 piglets per sower was achieved, and an absolute record-breaker was a sow with 34 piglets farrowed. By comparison, the results of top 25 Danish producers is 16,5 piglets per sow.

This year, lower wheat yield in Serbia is expected compared to last year. In Delta Agar, higher yields and records have already been recorded in the yield of barley of 9.3 t/ha and 10.5 t/ha of wheat. The average wheat yield in Serbia is 4.85 t/ha.

In the first six months of this year, exports amounted to 45 million euros. It is predominantly exported to EU countries and to Russia.

In Delta Agrar, it is believed that such business results confirm that agriculture is a great opportunity for Serbia, on condition that agriculture is modern, the knowledge of employees is top-notch, and the investments are significant and continuous.