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Delta Agrar record yields rank it among the top European companies

09. december 2016.

In 2016 at Delta Agrar estates record yields have been achieved in livestock breeding, fruit production, farming and vegetable production. For most crops these are the best results ever recorded at Delta estates and they rank it at the top of European agriculture.

The record onion yield of 80 tons per hectare has been achieved at Napredak estate in Stara Pazova, which is almost twice as the average yield in Belgium and the Netherlands. At Topola estate in Banatska Topola 13.36 tons of mercantile corn per hectare and 18 tons of sweet corn were harvested. The average yield of soybeans at Edisto estate in Apatin is 5.1 t/ha while the beet yield amounted to 82 tons per hectare.

Delta Agrar farms have produced 4,000 animals more than last year. The number of piglets born alive at Vladimirovac farm has increased to 17.8. For the sake of comparison, the leading farms in Denmark, which is the best worldwide producer, have achieved 16.8 piglets born alive per sow on an annual basis.

In Podunavlje orchard in Čelarevo record yields have been achieved as well. The most prominent yield is that of Braeburn apple, where the yield of 96 t/ha was reached at the 9-hectare plot. The average yield of mature yield amounted to 73t/ha in comparison to Serbia’s average yield of about 25 tons and between 55 and 60 tons in the most successful European agricultures.

These results have been achieved thanks to enormous investments in technology which is run by professional and committed people. Delta Agrar will continue to invest next year too. It plans innovations in the application of technology and the manner of running livestock farms, as well as expansion of the plantation of apples and other fruit in the vicinity of Zaječar. These investments are a guarantee that Delta Agrar will remain the domestic leader in agriculture and at the same time among the top ranks in the region and Europe.

Delta Agrar is part of Delta Holding business system. It includes the following estates: Napredak n Stara Pazova, Jedinstvo in Apatin, Podunavlje in Čelarevo, Topola in Banatska Topola and Kozara in Banatsko Veliko Selo.