Quality policy and food safety

Quality policy and food safety

Our company has an exceptionally successful tradition of food production. Thanks to many years of systematic work and our commitment to achieve and maintain the highest standards of product and service quality, Delta Agrar has positioned itself as a company with an excellent reputation and is at the very top in terms of food quality and safety.

When it comes to food production, we have the latest equipment and technology for storage, calibration, and packaging, which allows us to meet even the most complex needs of our customers. Our products are sold in both domestic and foreign markets.

All employees of Delta Agrar are committed to delivering safe and high-quality food products to the market in compliance with all legal measures.

The advantages that set us apart are the dedication of our employees, our experience, and the cutting-edge technology that allows us to maintain a consistent level of food quality and safety.

By continuously monitoring customer behavior and the market, we can respond to customers’ requests quickly and produce the products customers want.

The continuous improvement and application of quality systems, food safety, and ethical business as well as compliance with all the requirements of IFS, SMETA, ISCC, GLOBALGAP, ISO 9001, and others, allows us to guarantee the highest quality of our products.

Enviromental policy

Delta Agrar participates in the fight for environmental protection. By recognizing the need to reduce negative impacts on the environment and complying with all legal regulations, we create an optimal interaction between the organization and the environment, including not only the land, flora, and fauna but also the people who live and work in it.

Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Delta Agrar's policy is fully committed to doing business in a way that minimizes the risk of injury and endangerment of the health of our employees, damage to property, or the environment.

Compliance with all legal requirements of occupational safety and continual work on creating and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all employees is our imperative.