Delta Agrar Ltd., a member of Delta Holding, is a corporation that fully recognizes the importance and necessity of corporate social responsibility, and seeks to achieve the position of a respected member of the community to which it belongs through its business ethics. Delta Agrar has adopted the corporate social responsibility as a business principle that is achieved through high quality products and services, environmental protection and good relations with the community.

Delta Agrar is dedicated to primary agricultural production and food production, in compliance with the most strict standards and laws in the field of safety and quality of the final product.

By raising the level of agricultural production in Serbia and helping the economic growth of individual agricultural producers, Delta Agrar is contributing to the development of local communities in which it operates.

As a socially responsible company, Delta Agrar motivates small producers to integrate into well-organized and profitable associations, which recognize the integrity of the individual producers, all with the application of the highest standards of quality and safety typical for large-scale production.

One of the priorities of Delta Agrar is to encourage agricultural producers to remain in their households. By concluding long-standing cooperative agreements through production for well-known buyers, Delta Agrar allows agricultural producers a better standard of living, generated from their own production.

The merger with Delta Agrar, the biggest agro system in Serbia, enables the modern production, health safety and high quality of produced agricultural products, thanks to the education, expertise and control of the production processes by Delta Agrar. Significant efforts are being made in helping individuals, small producers, in order to understand the importance of modern agricultural production, quality and standards required in the European market.

Delta Agrar and Delta Holding together with their partners, organize "Plantation for the future" project to support the initiatives based on social entrepreneurship with the aim of improving agricultural production in Serbia and the employment of less employable categories of population.

In addition to these activities, food factories operating within Delta Agrar continuously help socially vulnerable groups and persons with disabilities across Serbia with significant commodity donations.

Delta Agrar and food processing factories belong to the pool of donors who provide scholarships for education and employment of children without parental care within Delta Foundation’s project “Fund for the Future”.

  • Organic pig farm

In order to maintain an extremely high level of sanitary safety, the All In All Out management system was applied on our pig farm Napredak in Stara Pazova. This system means that groups of animals simultaneously enter a certain phase of production and leave it at the same time, which makes farm management much easier. In accordance with European regulations, the animals are allowed to move freely. Climate conditions are controlled and maintained at the optimal level, which enables the achievement of the highest results in production. The applied technology involves an extremely high ecological level, primarily in the treatment of wastewaters. Manure from the farm is further processed and used for fertilizing fields, so that wastewater is practically nonexistent. This way the pollution of local waterways is prevented, all in accordance with national and EU legislation in this field. At the pig farm Napredak, the plant for utilization of biomass residues of crop production is used as an energy source. Regardless of the fact that this way of obtaining energy is based on biomass combustion, it was found that the dissolution rate of CO2 is less than the amount of gas that plants absorbed in the vegetation period.

  • Wastewater treatment

Complete waste generated during meat processing at the Yuhor factory in Jagodina, so-called condemned (bones, intestines, skin...) and fresh blood are collected and transported to the pound. Wastewater, also called liquid waste, goes through the pipelines and into the tank where the biological processing is performed, and only then it is discharged into the public sewer.

  • The production of flour without negative effects for the environment

In 2009, the most modern mill for wheat processing in the region was installed at the flour and pasta factory Danubius. The mill is produced by the Swiss manufacturer Bühler and it guarantees a high level of sanitary protection in wheat processing,  enables flour sterilization and the elimination of impurities and larvae of insects. It is also highly energy-efficient (twice the lower power consumption), and most importantly, does not toss dirt.

  • Saving water and energy

On Delta Agrar’s apple orchard in Čelarevo, on more than 200 hectares, there is a system of drop by drop irrigation. The software accurately monitors the needs of the plants for watering according to its development stage and weather conditions, which is why the water is spent rationally. In all business units of Delta Agrar, the plan is that all waste is used to generate electricity which is then used for the purposes of the company. The sustainability of all production programs of Delta Agrar is ensured through the ecological aspect, applying the strictest regulations in the field of environmental protection.