Cooperation & repurchase
    The repurchase center Udovice
    Tel: 026/764 410
    The repurchase center Krusevac
    Tel: 037 / 439548
    The repurchase center Čelarevo
    Tel: 021/761 784
    The repurchase center Surčin
    Tel: 011/22 58 412

Fruit and Vegetables

Purchase points and cooperation

Delta Agrar owns modern purchase points at the locations of Čelarevo, Udovice and Kruševac where vegetables are sorted, calibrated and packed under the recognizable trademarks.

The purpose of these points of purchase and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables is to improve the production and supply of fruits and vegetables from Serbia. Delta Agrar contracts technical and advisory support, and monitors and controls the entire production process with the aim of approximation to the Global G.A.P and HACCP standards and establishment of the highest standards of quality. Delta Agrar assures the best service to its clients and partners by quality control at receipt and applying the highest standards in packaging, storage and transport.

The purchase points have a total capacity of 21.000 tons, which allows full implementation of the so-called “cold chain” system in the distribution of fruits and vegetables.

In the facilities for storage of fruits and vegetables, the working temperature of the chambers is adjusted depending on the plant species stored at 0° - 8°C degrees; the temperature in the chambers is maintained automatically using microprocessor control, and the required humidity in the chamber is maintained by spraying water mist through built-in humidifiers.