Delta Food Processing



Flour and Pasta

With a tradition dating back to 1918, Danubius Factory from Novi Sad is engaged in the production of milling products and pasta, as well as in storage, drying and transport of grain, all in compliance with strict national and international standards on food safety. Since 2006, Danubius has been operating within Delta Agrar, and it has been a part of Delta system since May 2006.

A computer guided Bühler Flour Mill was installed in Danubius in April 2009, with the daily output of 300 tons of wheat processed into various kinds of flours for all purposes. The main categories of Danubius flour products include: Type 400 coarse, Type 400 soft and Type 500. The mill is fully computerized. Prior to leaving the mill, all finished products go through the machines that completely eliminate possible presence of larvae and insects. Buhler’s mill represents an advanced step in environmental protection, since it returns completely clean air into the atmosphere, while it consumes two times less energy for processing of one ton of wheat, compared to the mills of previous generations. Danubius has the largest silo in Serbia, with a capacity of 65.000 tons.

Danubius also includes a pasta factory with annual capacity of 7.000 tons. The factory produces all kinds of pasta, fully in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and 22000:2005 standards. There are two categories of Danubius pasta: durum and vitaminized. Durum pasta is made of top quality durum wheat, that is, of its milling product called semolina. Many various forms of Danubius vitaminized pasta are made from semolina, enriched with vitamins A and D3.

Danubius pasta sauces are completely natural, with no artificial colours, flavours and additives. They are manufactured in four flavours: Basilico – with basil, Olive - with olives, Picante - with chilli, and Pimiento - with peppers.