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Flour and Pasta

At the crossroads of waterway, road and railway traffic, "Danubius", a company for the production of flour and pasta, located in the center of Vojvodina, Novi Sad. It was established after the First World War in 1918. as a Canned Factory, and today is the most modern and technologically best equipped factory of flour and pasta in these area.

Since 2006 when Danubius became part of Delta Holding, and 12.6 million EUR was invested in development. In 2018. Factory celebrated 100 years of existence, a significant jubilee for the factory and industry in Serbia, because there are only few factories that last for so long and successfully operate.

History of development:

  • Founded in 1918. as a Canned Factory
  • In 1922. Danubius became the first factory of biscuits and dough
  • In 1932. it became the Macaroni and Pasta Factory
  • In 1945. Danubius was nationalized and socially owned
  • In 1956. Danubius swithed to “Mlinpred”
  • In 1974. It started to work as an independent working organization when joined the “Mlinpek”
  • Since 1984 Danubius has been operating as OOUR, RO AIK "Novi Sad" (Basic Organization of Associated Labor within the Agroindustrial Combine)
  • At the beginning of the 1990s, the Socially-owned enterprise Danubius was formed, current company "Hleb" and pastry factory Danubius Bakery was isolated in 1993 and formed a special bakery company "Hleb", and the pasta factory remain within the company with the old name – Danubius
  • In 1999, the company was organized as Danubius AD for the processing and marketing of cereals and pasta production
  • The milestone in the rich history of Danubius was in 2006 when the factory became part of Delta Agrar, whose member is today

Product safety policy

"Danubius" d.o.o. Novi Sad, as a member of Delta Holding, adopts and respects the corporate values of the company.

The safety of food products is ensured by the application of recognized international standards - GFSI (World Food Safety Initiative).

At the very beginning of the production chain, we achieve security by carefully selecting raw materials, suppliers and establishing good partnerships with them.

We intend to invest in technical and technological development and improvement, to constantly increase the economy, productivity and profitability.

Our main commitment is fulfillment of demands for our consumers, by following the satisfaction of the users of our products.


A modern computer-led mill can daily harvest 300 tons of wheat and produce various types of flour for all purpose. Total capacity of silos is 65.000 tons. The pasta factory can produce 15.000 tons of pasta per year.