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Mioni water factory is situated in the village of Kljuc, near Mionica. It is equipped with the latest German technology for water bottling, with a capacity of 12.000 PET bottles per hour and 6.000 glass bottles per hour.

Aqua Gala water by Mioni contains an ideal balance of magnesium and calcium, which is essential for proper functioning of human body. Because of its quality and balanced mineral content, Aqua Gala is an ideal drink for athletes, recreational athletes and people exposed to physical exertion.

The main characteristic of Aqua Gala is the presence of silicon dioxide (Sillica) mineral known as Beauty mineral. Silicia is a mineral whose main function is slowing down aging. It is not a common ingredient of water, and that distinguishes Gala from other waters. Silica (SiO2) is known worldwide as mineral beauty. It is necessary because it forms proteins of collagen and elastins that we can thank for the youthful look. Collagen gives the skin fullness, firmness and elasticity. Mineral Silica also affects healthy look of the hair and growth of nails. The amount of Silica in the human body decreases with age. This reflects on look: wrinkles are more pronounced, the skin becomes inelastic, and the hair goes down and looks completely lifeless. Silica intake is the easiest and fastest with water, and everyday use stimulates the immune system and further strengthens the internal ratio of minerals needed for regeneration and the flexibility of the skin and body.

Aqua Gala water by Mioni contains an ideal balance of magnesium and calcium (64mg/l calcium and 29mg/l magnesium), which is essential for proper functioning of human body, proper heart function, reduces the risk of myocardial infract an supplements calcium that is lost by age and by unhealthy habits.

The quality of Aqua Gala water is regularly controlled in domestic and international laboratories such as: Laboratory Dr. Oliver Rodes in Barcelona, Institute for Public Health in Valjevo, City Institute for Public Health in Belgrade as well as in the accredited Laboratory Knjaz Miloš. Natural non-carbonated water Aqua Gala is NSF certified, i.e. it holds an international certificate awarded by the American certification company NSF which is the guarantee of top quality.

Aqua Gala is brought to you from the untouched nature in superbly designed packaging and it is available in 1.5L PET, 0.5L PET, 0.75L PET Sports Cap, 6L PET, 0.75L glass and 0.25L glass bottles.

Black and Yellow juice

Since 2007, the company "Mioni" has expanded its capacities with the modern SIPA production line and entered the segment of refreshing soft drinks. "Mioni" started to produce "Black and Yellow" carbonated drinks with the taste of cola and orange. Affordable and competitive. Besides the original name "Black and Yellow", they carry symbols of national tradition through original packaging.