Delta Food Processing



Meat and meat products

Meat industry Yuhor from Jagodina is engaged in the production and processing of meat, meat trade, meat products and canned products. It was founded in 1902, and it has been operating as a part of Delta system since 2004. 

The strategic orientation of Yuhor is the production of sanitary safe and nutritionally valuable products, providing security, confidence and satisfaction to the consumers. Production facilities in Yuhor meet the strictest requirements in terms of sanitary, technical and veterinary conditions. This practically means that production overlapping is prevented, thus enabling easy hygiene maintenance and handling and movement of people and goods.

Yuhor is also Halal certified, which enables export to the majority Islamic countries. A wide range of more than 100 products of Yuhor meat industry meets the requirements and satisfies the tastes of the most demanding consumers.

The product range is divided into three main groups.

Yuhor Traditional line includes products made according to traditional recipes and technologies. This group includes two products that are Yuhor’s trademark: Levač Sausage - the type of sausage produced exclusively in Yuhor which is an authentic product of meat industry from Jagodina.

Yuhor’s standard program, offers to the consumers the most recognizable salami, bacon, sausages, grill sausages and ready meals. The range available to the consumers also includes sliced program.

Delicata is a line of premium products developed in cooperation with leading European institutes and technologists.