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Fresh meat and meat products

Yuhor Company from Jagodina is focused on meat production and meat processing, meat trade, meat products and canned products. It was founded in 1902 and has been operating in the Delta system since 2004. Since 2015, Yuhor has been developing its retail network, the Yuhor Store, which has over 50 retail outlets throughout Serbia. 

Yuhor's strategic commitment is the production of safe and nutritionally valuable products, which provide consumers with safety, trust, and satisfaction. The production facilities in Yuhor meet the most rigorous requirements in terms of sanitary and veterinary conditions. In practice, this means that the crossing of production routes is prevented and the maintenance of hygiene as well as manipulation and movement of people and goods are ensured. 

Yuhor's production capacity is 12,000 tons of meat products and 9,000 tons of fresh meat per year. 

Yuhor also holds a Halal certificate that allows exports to countries with a majority population of the Islamic faith. With a rich assortment of over 100 meat industry productsYuhor meets the requirements and satisfies the tastes of even the pickiest consumers. 

The product range is divided into three basic groups. 

Yuhor Traditional line includes products based on traditional recipes and technologies. This group includes the trademark product of Yuhor - Levačka sausage, a type of sausage that is produced exclusively in Yuhor. It is an authentic product of the meat industry of Jagodina. 

Yuhor Standard program includes perishable sausages, smoked products, hot dogs, barbecue sausages and ready meals. Sliced meat products are also available to consumers. 

Yuhor Premium is a new line that includes sliced premium fermented sausages, which are unique thanks to the combination of spices and spice wrappers used. 

Delicata Pâté is a line of premium products, developed in cooperation with leading European technologists and institutes.