Primary production
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Crop production

Crop production

Plant production includes the cultivation of field and vegetable crops on about 10,000 square meters, in compliance with agro-technical measures and with the use of the most modern mechanization in agricultural production.

In addition to the most important field crops that are produced on our farms, we focus on the production of seed crops - seed corn, soybeans, sunflower, wheat, barley...

By increasing the area where the irrigation system is used, we also increase the area for growing vegetables (potatoes, onions, chips, peas, green beans, sweet corn…).

On about 1,000 square meters, we have two harvests a year.

We apply precision agriculture, variable fertilization and sowing, and the areas where this method of work is used are constantly increasing with land mapping. Arable land on our farms is presented through a digital field map.

With the optimal use of chemical protection and by meeting the agro deadlines, we consistently implement the technology of growing all crops.

As a result of large investments, the implementation of state-of-the-art technology and human labor, we achieve extremely high and stable yields.