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Apple nursery

Apple nursery

Delta Agrar's nursery represents the latest production of apple trees, like the production of Europe's largest nurturers and is located on our estate, which stretches over 35 hectares.

Apple seedlings produced by Delta Agrar are the best seedlings in this area because they are obtained from certified virus-free surfaces, which are grafted by certified scion originating from the Italian parent orchard.

The concept of growing apples with a crown in the form of slender spindles with about 4000-6250 trees/ha depending on the planting density and reduced pruning, requires seedlings of superior quality that are expected to be fruitful in the first year after planting, primarily in the second and full yield in fourth vegetation.

We offer seedlings of leading varieties of apples such as Golden Delicious Reinders, Red Delicious Jeromine, Granny Smith, Gala Galaval Gala Schniga, in categories of a 9-month, 18-month and "left to grow".