Try an apple with red meat!

Sweet and sour, Red Moon is a completely natural apple, rich in antioxidants.

The red color is due to anthocyanins, an organic pigment that naturally colors fruits and vegetables (blueberries, grapes, plums, chokeberries, cranberries) in an exceptional range of red, pink, blue, and purple colors that may vary from apple to apple.

Anthocyanins have exceptional antioxidant power, up to 50 times greater than that of Vitamin E, and protect against cardiovascular disease, block harmful permeability of blood vessels by binding to collagen and elastin and accelerate their recovery against damage.

Precisely because of the anthocyanin Red Moon, the apple is extremely resistant. Freshly cut, in juice, cider, or with your culinary experiments, it will retain its recognizable color without oxidation, which makes it a great apple to enjoy in all ways!

Color: apple red pulp

Usage: for all types of consumption, especially good for processing because it does not oxidize so the red color of the pulp retains its color in all forms. Eat it fresh or mix it with other fruit in juices, ciders, or gastronomic delicacies of your choosing

Storage: resistant to spring

Harvest period: late September, early October