Production of prunes

Production of prunes

In 2015, Delta Agrar Company launched the production of prunes of the Stanley variety in the dryer located in Kruševac. The company purchases plums in central and southern Serbia and carefully chooses its products that will later go through the drying process. The final steps in production include rehydration, conservation, stone removal, inspection and packaging of the finished products.

The Prunes are sold in the following forms: original, unpitted, pitted, dried plums chopped in cubes for muesli producers and confectioners.

Current annual capacity of the dryer in Kruševac is 700 tons of prunes. Produced volumes grow with exports to new markets. By 2017, the company exported to Russia, Algeria, Czech Republic, Belarus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The quality of the pitted prunes is also acknowledged at the 24th International food show World Food Moscow. Delta Agrar won a gold medal for the 2016 Product of the Year in the category of fruits and vegetables for pitted and unpitted prunes.

Physical and chemical analysis:

Humidity (%): max 35; Potassium Sorbate (mg/Kg): 600-1000; Total sugar content (%): min 30-50; Acidity (expressed in malic acid %): 0.4-1.5; Ash content not dissolved in HCl: 0.015-0.018