Agrotrade & distribution




FAO 270

  • Grain hybrid
  • High yield potential for a group of early hybrids
  • Very good tolerance to diseases of trees, leaves, and cobs
  • Suitable for growing on medium productive, and excellent on highly productive soils
  • Clip with 14-16 rows of grain, extremely suitable for later sowing dates, lateral cultivation, or cultivation at higher altitudes (≥ 500 m above sea level).


FAO 380

  • Grain hybrid
  • A hybrid of high adaptability and grain yield stability
  • Tree medium to tall
  • Long, fully finished cob with 14-16 rows of grains
  • Quick-release of moisture from the grain


FAO 410

  • Hybrid for grain, for intensive production conditions
  • Extremely high yield potential and low grain moisture (Grain plus)
  • Expressed yield components (number of grains per cob and weight of 1000 grains)
  • A tall plant with large leaves
  • Tolerance to piston fusarium
  • Expressed stay green
  • Suitable for medium and good production conditions


FAO 430

  • Grain hybrid
  • High yield potential in different years of production
  • High yield potential and low grain moisture (Grain plus)
  • Lower tree
  • High tolerance to tree, leaf, and cob diseases
  • Good grain quality, high hectoliter mass
  • High tolerance to breakage and lodging


FAO 600

  • Very high grain yield potential
  • High tolerance to diseases, especially to Fusarium head blight
  • Wide and upright leaves, low set piston provides good stability of the plant
  • Expressed stay green
  • Compact and fully finished piston