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Delta Feed

Fodder factory

Delta Feed is located in Stara Pazova and was established on the basis of a factory that has been operating within the Napredak estate since 1966. It has been a part of Delta Agrar since 2005, and the factory, by the name of Delta Feed, has been operating since 2020.

Delta Feed produces exclusively farm product lines, concentrates, supplementary mixtures and premixes for the needs of pig and cattle breeding. High-quality animal feed consists of first-class mercantile goods, which include corn, wheat, barley, fodder flour, soybean meal, sunflower meal, rapeseed meal and crude soybean oil. The production capacity is 70,000 tons of ready-mixes and 2,000 tons of vitamin and mineral premixes per year. We consistently monitor our technology and invest in the factory in accordance with world industry trends.

Delta Feed, in addition to commercial sales, feeds all farms within the Delta Agrar Group and, together with the livestock production, constantly improves their quality of products, achieving top tier results on these farms.

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