Primary production

Fruit production

Company Delta Agrar has in the spring of 2007 on its farm AD "Podunavlje" in Celarevo picked up one of the most modern apple orchards in Serbia and the region. In year 2017, fruit producion was expanded to eastern part of Serbia, more precisely to the region of Zajecar town.

Orchard now has a gross area of ​​500 ha and is located in areas which have an excellent climate and soil conditions that enable the achievement of high and stable yields. The farm A.D. "Podunavlje" world famous varieties of apples are intensively produced: Gala, Braeburn marriri Red, Golden Delicious Reinders, Red Delicious, Granny Smith. The varieties ModiKiku, Pink Lady, Evelina, Red moon and ISAAQ we produce as members of the manufacturers club, the only one in this part of Europe. The most modern orchard was organized by the Italian SUDTIROL technology. Delta Agrar expanded its fruit production to the eastern part of Serbia. In this area, the first 140 ha were raised in Zajecar town. apart from the club apple varieties, the orchard consists of cherry plantings on 30 ha, table grapes on 10 ha, flat peaches on 3,5 ha and plums on 5 ha.

The apple is planted in densely spaced 3.2 x 0.8 m, which provides that one hectare holds 3900 plants, as a prerequisite for obtaining high and stable yields. Certain areas are we raise by planting on 3,2x0,60m which gives 5200 seedlings per hectare, which presents even more intensive production. In addition to planting density, the high and stable yields are affected also by: good quality planting material, protection from adverse climatic factors, quality of irrigation and fertilization. Irrigation system and weather station are located in the GPRS system and allow remote control and monitoring of parameters.

The orchard is equipped with antifrost system (the system against freezing of) irrigation system (irrigation system), feeding systems as well as the system of anti-hail protection, making it the most modern and the largest orchard of this type in Europe.

The entire production of apples is carried out by GLOBAL GAP system, which provides export quality.

The orchard also has two modern Ultra Low Oxygen cold storages with capacity of 20,000 tons, which thanks to the dynamic atmosphere allows the storing of full crop of apples in chambers, if necessary, up to 300 days. One of the specifics of refrigerator with a dynamic atmosphere is that picked apples go directly into the chamber, without any chemical treatment, as is standard practice in ULO storage. During the time it is stored the atmospheric composition adapts to the needs of apples, which makes ULO storage in Celarevo unique in this part of Europe.

In the cold storage Awetina line for calibration and sorting apples (by color, by diameter and grammage) is installed with a capacity of 10 t / h, consisting of a receiving portion in which the robotic system with defined places automatically takes the full pallet with apples, the empties it and returns to the second position an empty pallet. Apples are transported to the water flow device calibration apple.

In addition to the varieties of apples Delta Agrar produces through cooperation we also provide the following apple varieties: Idared, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Jonagold, Jonagored, Cadel, Mutsu.

Available packing apples: wooden, cardboard and plastic packaging.

The main characteristic of the fruit from our region, which is contributed by moderate climate and good quality land, is a high percentage of sugar, which gives it an exceptional sweetness and delicious taste, lovable to all.

Taste is what fruit from Serbia differentiates from fruit of regional countries.