Primary production
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Fruit production

In the spring of 2007, Delta Agrar built one of the most modern apple orchards in Serbia and the region on its farm AD "Podunavlje" in Celarevo. In 2017, fruit production expanded to eastern Serbia, more precisely to the region of Zajecar town.

The orchard now has a gross area of 700 ha and is located in an area with excellent climate and soil conditions that enable the achievement of high and stable yields. On the farm A.D. "Podunavlje" world famous varieties of apples are intensively produced: Gala, Braeburn marriri Red, Golden Delicious Reinders, Red Delicious, Granny Smith. We also produce varieties Modi, Kiku, Pink Lady, Evelina, Red moon, ISAAQ, Rubens and Sweetango as unique member of the manufacturers club, for this part of Europe. The most modern orchard was organized by the Italian SUDTIROL technology. Delta Agrar also expanded its fruit production to the region of Zajecar town in Eastern Serbia where the production is done on 255 ha. Apart from the club apple varieties, the orchard consists of 30 ha of cherry plantings, 10 ha of table grape, 3,5 ha of flat peaches and 5 ha of plums.

The apples are densely planted in spaces of 3.2 x 0.8 m, which means that one hectare holds 3900 plants, as a prerequisite for obtaining high and stable yields. Certain areas are planted with spaces of on 3,2x0,60m which ensures 5200 plants per hectare and that presents an even more intensive production. In addition to planting density, the high and stable yields are affected by: good quality planting material, protection from adverse climatic factors, quality of irrigation and fertilization. The irrigation system and weather station are located in the GPRS system and allow remote control and monitoring of parameters. Watering and feeding are automatically performed with our "Smart watering" system.