Agrotrade & distribution



SY lowa

  • Superior and stable yield
  • Excellent stability even on lighter soils
  • Strong disease tolerance package Phoma sp. (Foma) and Sclerotinia sp. (white rot)
  • Medium early hybrid
  • Medium height and solid stable
  • Uniform ripening and high tolerance to opening pods in the harvest
  • The recommended sowing density is 50 plants per m2

SY Harnas

  • A hybrid that is perfectly adapted to our production and agroclimatic conditions
  • It activates quickly in the spring - fast spring growth
  • An excellent choice for good fields, good in sowing in reduced (min-till) cultivation
  • It has a stable yield even on lighter soils
  • It also tolerates drought conditions well (compared to competing hybrids)
  • Medium length of vegetation
  • A hybrid of high and stable yield potential

SY Marten

  • Medium early/late hybrid of high yield potential
  • Adapted to our agroecological production conditions
  • Plants of medium to lower, solid tree age resistance resistance
  • Excellent yield stability in different production conditions (agrotechnical)
  • Excellent yield stability in drier production conditions
  • High oil content and yield
  • The high absolute mass of 1000 grains
  • High tolerance to shoot pods at harvest