Have you tried one of the world's favorite apple!

Few can say that they did not fall in love with the Pink Lady apple!

She is much more than just an apple. Pink Lady is an apple of balanced taste. It’s sweet and sour at the same time - perfect gourmet apple. It’s ideal for everyday consumtion and for preparing various meals and desserts. It is characterized by one of a kind pink-yellow color.

As Pink Lady tree seedlings are amongst the first one to bloom and the last to be harvested, the long ripening process is responsible for creating a fruit that meets special standards of quality, taste, and color.

Color: a pink blush prominent on most of the surface of the fruit, and the basic color of the fruit is yellow

Use: eat it fresh or as a gourmet apple in various meals and desserts

Taste: crunchy, juicy, with a balanced taste that is both sweet and sour at the same time

Harvest season: late October / early November

Flowering period: late March / early April