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The business policy of Delta Agrar Ltd., a member of Delta Holding and one of the leaders in all aspects of agricultural activities, is based on ensuring sustainable development.

The greatest challenge of our company is to achieve high production growth rates without pollution and degradation, with the optimal balance in utilization of natural resources. In order to be able to respond to this challenge, we have established principles of environmental management that we adhere to:

  • Identification of all environmental aspects, that is, of all activities, products and services that have an impact on the environment, in order to prevent its pollution.
  • Implementation of laws, regulations and standards on environmental protection, as well as the definition and application of internal rules for environmental management.
  • Utilization of the most suitable technologies to avoid or reduce environmental pollution.
  • Development and implementation of clean technologies.
  • Preservation of non-renewable resources, including energy resources by replacing them with renewable energy sources.
  • Putting maximum effort in the preservation of water resources.
  • Environmental Protection Policy - monitoring, measuring, reducing and preventing the discharge of pollutants in the environment, i.e. in water, land and air.
  • Sustainable waste management reflected in the reduction of hazardous and other types of waste and in the development of alternatives for their re-use.
  • Preserving biodiversity and respect for the natural and cultural values of protected areas.
  • Developing and keeping a sense of responsibility for the environment among the employees and pointing to the potential causes of negative environmental impacts and to the rational use of resources.

Reporting on all the aspects of environmental protection of our business partners and stakeholders.

The company that makes a special contribution in the field of sustainable development is Delta-Pak, our packaging and waste management operator. Delta-Pak deals with planning, consulting, organization of packaging waste collection, chemical management, safety in the transport of dangerous goods and other activities related to environmental protection.

Some of the activities that Delta-Pak carries out throughout the Delta system are:

  • Display of collected quantities of packaging waste through the number of preserved trees or through reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Management of generated waste with a tendency towards "zero waste".
  • Obtaining an Integrated Permit for the Prevention of Environmental Pollution, selection and introduction of the best available technologies.
  • Obtaining a water permit
  • Landscaping of the Eco Island
  • Greening the business circle
  • Arrangement of wind protection belts
  • Disposal of packaging from plant protection products
  • You can read more about our company's social responsibility here.