Our factories




Mioni is one of the most modern water factories in the region and it has been bottling natural mineral water and carbonated drinks since 2007. The factory has the latest equipment for bottling water and carbonated beverages with the following production lines:

  • Bottle line in PET packaging, capacity 12,000 bottles per hour
  • The line for bottling carbonated products in PET packaging, the capacity of 7,500 bottles per hour
  • The line for bottling carbonated products in PET packaging, 9,000 bottles per hour
  • Bottle line in glass packaging, capacity 6,000 bottles per hour
  • Polycarbonat gallon charging line with a capacity of 600 gallons per hour, leased from Knjaz Miloš Nature
  • 6-liter PET balloon bottling line, with a capacity of 2,000 balloons per hour.

Mioni Company is focused on service filling for retail chains and the development of its own brand of water, Aqua Gala. The main characteristic of Aqua Gala water is the presence of the mineral silicon dioxide (Sillica), worldwide known as the Beauty Mineral. Silicon dioxide (Silica) is a mineral whose primary function is to slow down aging process and rejuvenate the entire body. The best way to absorb it is in liqud state, but as it is rarley found in its natural state in the water, it makes Aqua Gala water one of a kind and the most natural beauty product you can buy. The intake of Silica is the easiest and fastest through water, and with daily consumption, it enhances internal bodily functions, stimulates the immune system, and strengthens the internal ratio of minerals necessary for the regeneration and flexibility of the skin and body.

Aqua Gala has an ideal ratio of calcium and magnesium. This perfectly balanced mineral composition (62mg/l calcium and 34mg/l magnesium) is excellent for proper bone development in children, and in adults. It is conducive to proper heart function, reduces the risk of myocardial infarction, and replaces naturaly lost calcium with age or due to smoking.

The low sodium content of only 18mg/l is also a rarity and a special quality of Aqua Gala water. A larger amount of a similar dioxide present of about 20mg/l makes Aqua Gala water especially good for blood vessels.

The quality of Aqua Gala water is regularly controlled in public laboratories such as the Public Health Institute Valjevo, the City Institute for Public Health Belgrade and the accredited laboratory of the Knjaz Miloš Company. Mioni has an IFS quality certificate, with a high score of 95.34% according to the latest audit conducted by a global company for control, verification, testing, and certification - Quality Austria Center.